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Making of the Audix D6

An in depth look at the production processes involved in the making of the Audix D6 dynamic kick drum mic, right here in the US.

Aveo Systems: Televic Conference

Televic Conference solutions make it easier to communicate in meetings and collaboration environments. Televic products are used in a wide variety of applications including informal gatherings, moderated discussions, simultaneous interpretation for multi-lingual meetings, electronic authorization and attendance recording, and voting options.

Any application where people are talking with other people can benefit from Televic’s solutions. Examples include hotel ballrooms, univ...ersity lecture halls, auctions, court rooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms, board rooms, government facilities, training centers, and more.

All Televic products perform local microphone management and sound reinforcement for the participants and can be easily integrated with audio and video conferencing products. Plixus® Multimedia products can manage and distribute high resolution video signals and documents to participants, further elevating collaboration

Mira Connect - Aveo Systems

Mira Connect - Aveo Systems

Mira Connect is a tabletop touchscreen collaboration control appliance for controlling and managing conference rooms, offices, huddle spaces, and the equipment in those rooms.

Mira Connect’s user interface is professionally designed and automatically generated based on the equipment added to the room. For example adding a Polycom SoundStructure™ audio conferencing device and Polycom RealPresence™ Group Series video codec allows the conference participant to easily dial audio calls using the telephony resources on the SoundStructure product, video calls, or both with Mira Connect.

Mira Connect is a control system and user interface for conferencing systems. For many collaboration rooms there is no need for a third-party control system and touch screen nor for a vendor-specific user interface that just controls one vendor’s device in the room.

The Wait is Over! The NEW Audix Performance Series Wireless

Audix is now shipping the NEW AP41 & AP42 Performance Wireless Systems and has launched a full scale marketing campaign to support the Performance Series Wireless Systems. Whether your customers are vocalists, musicians, performers or presenters, the Audix Performance Series is designed to take the mystery out of wireless with a professional-grade system that is simple, reliable and versatile.

Audix Performance Series Wireless from Audix Microphones on Vimeo.

Introducing the New AP41 & AP42 Wireless Systems. Find Your System HERE

We hope that you are as excited about the Audix Performance Series Wireless System as we are, please give us a call if you have any questions.

Community Loudspeaker System Design Reference Guides - An Overview - 60 Minute Webinar

Tuesday, September 13 at 1:00 pm (EST)

Learn how Community's new Design Reference Guides can aid your next installation.

Community has published three easy-to-understand Loudspeaker System Design Reference Guides for Houses of Worship, Presentation and Performance spaces and Sports Sound venues, together with new complementary EASE Focus templates that can be directly utilized by systems integrators.

In addition to basic system layout principles outlined in the Design Guides, various sound system design methodologies will be presented.  Attendees will also learn how the accompanying EASE Focus templates can be easily modified for client presentations, showing how Community loudspeakers can provide efficient and effective coverage solutions.

To download a copy of the Design Reference Guides, click HERE.

Instructor: John Loufik,Technical Services Manager

Register early – space is limited!


Sports Sound: Loudspeaker System Layout Options for Athletic Facilities

60 Minute Webinar
Thursday, May 5 at 1:00 pm (EST)

Review loudspeaker system layout options for athletic facilities.

Football, baseball, soccer, basketball. The Sports Sound Loudspeaker System Design Reference Guide from Community provides several R SERIES options for these standard athletic facilities, covering the typical variations in loudspeaker mounting locations found in these venues. Learn how to best utilize the Design Reference Guide to achieve your sound system performance goals quickly and efficiently. A Question & Answer session follows the webinar presentation.

To download a copy of the Sports Sound Loudspeaker System Design Reference Guide, click HERE.

Instructor: Dave Howden, Director of Technical Services
Register early – Space is limited!


Please take a moment to view this 32-second video from Kathy Lane, Marketing Communications Mgr at Lowell. The video provides brief snippets of Lowell products/capabilities with some dramatic background music. Take a gander, then give us a call or contact us HERE.

Community Forecaster HD 60 Minute Webinar - Thursday April 21 at 1:00pm (EST)

Learn how to design Ceiling Distributed Systems quickly and accurately using Community's Forecaster HD software.

Forecaster HD is a free utility program from Community that quickly determines the proper model(s) and quantity of ceiling loudspeakers for distributed applications. Learn how to use this powerful software to help plan projects and generate client support materials. A Question & Answer session will follow the webinar presentation.

To learn more about FORECASTER HD or download a free copy, click HERE.


The Cabgrabber and the i5

We would like to share an updated video that we just put together for the Cabgrabber and i5