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Audix is Pleased to Announce the Annual "Santa Deal"

For store employees:  50% off* Dealer pricing on your choice of ONE (1) single microphone from the Audix catalog.**


This offer is good through December 31, 2010.

Please see the "Santa Deal" order from for more details.

*35% off Dealer pricing on individual SCX Condenser Series microphones.

**All Packs, Wireless, Matched Pairs, Micro Condenser products and Speakers are unfortunately excluded from this offer.  To order please call Spoiled by Technology at 630-357-7742 or fax your order to SBT at 630-357-7831, or directly to Audix at 503-682-7114.


Audix - 700 MHz Wireless Trade In/Exchange Program (confidential)

Program details:

  • Customer may bring to any authorized Audix Dealer any Audix RAD 360 wireless system(s) in any frequency group from 692 MHz to 814 MHz. In exchange, Customer will receive 25% off current MAP pricing (minimum advertised price on NEW PRODUCT) on the purchase of a new RAD 360 system(s) (any model).
  • Competitor wireless systems qualify for a trade in as well. Customer may trade in competitor wireless systems in any frequency group.
  • Dealer will receive 25% off Dealer price (d.f.i.) on the new Audix RAD 360 wireless system(s) ordered.
  • Audix will issue a “return authorization number” (RA#) and a “call tag” for returning wireless systems. You will not incur any shipping charges for returning systems. Contact Audix directly.
  • There is no restriction on original date of purchase or value of traded in wireless system.
  • In the event Dealer sells existing store stock for the exchange, Dealer will receive 25% (off Dealer column) on the next RAD 360 wireless order (upon receipt of older wireless
  • system(s) being returned.
  • Product will be invoiced at Dealer’s existing terms. Prompt Pay discount will still apply.


Jeff Moore from Two Old Hippies, that’s who!

With News & Updates from Two Old Hippies – Bedell & Great Divide Guitars…

Good Day Sales Hippies!

There’s never been a better time to be a Bedell and/or Great Divide dealer.  We continue to gain momentum and win market share with the Two Old Hippies’ brands.  And we are fierce!

Ultrasone - There's a New Sheriff in Town

If you haven’t noticed,  ULTRASONE is gaining and winning market share here in the US and there’s a reason why…

Paul Taylor, previously the president of Ultrasone in the US has returned to Germany to pursue other non-Ultrasone related opportunities/endeavors.
There’s a new sheriff in town –
Randy Fuchs (name sound familiar?) has taken over responsibility for Ultrasone here in the states and has a long history within our industry.  Since coming onboard as sales manager with Ultrasone we’ve received  improved pricing, allowances for salesperson accommodation, a better warranty and a plethora of improvements across the board. 
Basically, Randy started from ground up - providing the required training to his staff; editing copy to properly market this product that has a phenomenal reputation outside of the US. 

The Challenges of Miking a Choir

Audix has come up with a great piece on choir miking.  Download the PDF HERE: Radio adopts HT2 headset mics for podcasts

September 2009 (formerly PC Magazine) is an online magazine that talks about all things technical having to do with the personal computing world. The magazine also has a podcast show called PCMag Radio that has been running for several years and it is aimed at their primary readers – lovers of technology.

Tim Gideon, lead audio and video analyst for, was put in charge for updating the quality of their podcasts. Gideon states, “When it came time to update the equipment for our podcast studio, we went through several microphone choices and the HT2 emerged as the best choice for us. We needed a microphone with a tight pattern because our panelists are all in close proximity and the typical omni-directional headset mics don't offer enough rejection. Not only does the HT2 sound great, but our hosts and guests are unencumbered with headphones or bulky cables, which makes everything look cleaner for our video podcasts. Everybody loves the sound of these mics! ”

All podcasts are performed with Audix HT2 microphones and recorded in Pro Tools. Please check out Radio at PC Mag Radio

New HME Spectrum Friendly™ Technology Prevents Conflict in the 2.4 GHz Wireless Spectrum

SAN DIEGO, CA, MAY 12, 2009 – All HME DX Series wireless intercom systems now feature
Spectrum Friendly™ technology, HME’s unique advantage for interference-free operation in the
increasingly crowded 2.4 GHz frequency band. This new technology enables broadcast and
theatrical production crews to avoid emerging frequency conflicts by designating the 2.4 GHz
operating frequency range – low, high or full band.

The increasing use of the 2.4 GHz Industry Scientific and Medical (ISM) wireless spectrum is
attributed to its global availability and license-free requirements. Existing hardwired
technologies are gradually being designed to operate in the 2.4 GHz band.

While generally not a problem when separated, multiple applications and multiple users of the
same applications in close proximity can result in additional risk for trouble free operation. The
new Spectrum Friendly technology further ensures that HME products do not add interference
to the spectrum for other essential wireless services in the vicinity, like DMX lighting.

According to HME Pro Audio Product Manager Rick Molina, “Spectrum Friendly technology
provides a framework for wireless applications to coexist as good neighbors. It also makes it
possible for production crews using HME base stations to double the number of possible
wireless headset users.”