Clear-Com®, An HME Company and Spoiled By Technology – A New Era of Excellence!

We are excited to announce our partnership with Clear-Com®, effective April 1st, 2011…

About Clear-Com

Clear-Com, an HME company, is a global provider in professional voice communications systems since 1968. We develop and market proven intercom technologies such as Analog & Digital Partyline, Digital Matrix, Wireless and Intercom-over-IP systems for critical communication applications in broadcast, performance venues, military, government and enterprise markets. Recognized for our legacy of intercom innovations, production teams around the world have come to depend on Clear-Com for clear, reliable and scalable communications solutions.

SBT is pleased to announce our partnership with Powersoft.

Powersoft is the world leader in lightweight, high power, single rack space, energy-efficient amplifiers for the professional audio market. Headquartered in Florence, Italy, Powersoft couples the experience and precision of its production department with exceptional components to deliver products with perfect audio response and high performance reliability. Its state-of-the-art amplifiers can be found in an array of markets, ranging from stadiums, sporting arenas, theme parks, performance venues and airports to convention centers, churches and clubs. For more information, visit the Powersoft Web site at

Thomas Mittelmann, Business Development Manager confirms:

“Clearly, Powersoft is well known as an innovative Company way ahead of its time with their amplification technology. Here we have a winner product, truly modern design, outstanding performance, easy to use, well supported and backed up by a passionate team. Actually, there is an enormous potential for many more people and organizations in the global live sound community to benefit from it. I'm thrilled by being offered a key role in the continued development of the Powersoft brand, spreading its creative and innovative solutions worldwide: power amplifiers and DSP technology in 19" rack format as well as modules for integration with loudspeakers. It'll be a lot of fun!"

Spoiled By Technology Inc Receives 2010 Best of Naperville Award

Press Release

Spoiled By Technology Inc Receives 2010 Best of Naperville Award

U.S. Commerce Association’s Award Plaque Honors the Achievement

NEW YORK, NY, December 6, 2010 -- Spoiled By Technology Inc has been selected for the 2010 Best of Naperville Award in the Audio Electronic Systems category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).

The USCA "Best of Local Business" Award Program recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the country. Each year, the USCA identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community.

Electronic Musician Reviews the Audix FP-7 - May 2010

FP7Electronic Musician Audix FP7 Review May 2010


By George Petersen

To be entirely frank, I’ve never been a fan of prepackaged drum mics. While convenient, these usually take a one-size-fits-all approach, often with too many compromises over the à la carte style of selecting mics one at a time. That said, I’ve been a fan of Audix vocal and instrument mics and have been using its D4/D6/i5 drum mics for some time with great results. So when Audix announced the FP7, a mid-priced ($479), seven-piece drum mic package, I was curious, especially considering it’s about half the $900 street cost of the company’s high-end DP7 package....

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Modern Drummer Reviews the Fusion Drum Mic Packs - May 2010

Modern Drummer Audix Fusion ReviewSometimes drum microphone packs are simply a group of existing products packaged with a case, which can be a cool way to get several decent mics at a good price. But other times the packs are rebranded inexpensive transducers that are typically decent for the money and will do until you can afford something better. I usually recommend that you find solid individual models that will give you the results you want for the long term and that you buy only as many as you can afford, adding more along the way. Audix has totally redesigned its Fusion series drum microphones, which are available singly and in packs. These aren’t bundles of existing top-line mics (which are also available in packs); they’re entirely new models. They were designed by the same wizard who came up with the company’s popular D6, i-5, and SCX25A, with component manufacturing handled overseas and assembly and testing done back here.

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Audix - 700 MHz Wireless Trade In/Exchange Program

Program details:


  • Bring into an authorized Audix Dealer any Audix RAD 360 wireless system(s) in any frequency group from 692 MHz to 814 MHz to receive a discount towards the purchase of a new RAD 360 system. In exchange, you will receive 25% off current MAP pricing (minimum advertised price on NEW PRODUCT) on the purchase of a new RAD 360 system(s) (any model).
  • Competitor wireless systems qualify for a trade in as well. You may trade in competitor wireless systems in any frequency group.
  • Audix will issue a “return authorization number” (RA#) and a “call tag” for returning wireless systems. You will not incur any shipping charges for returning systems. Have the Dealer contact Audix directly.
  • There is no restriction on original date of purchase or value of traded in wireless system(s).
  • Please allow for up to 10 days for shipping of new product to the authorized Dealer.
  • Program to run through September 30th 2010.

To find an authorized Dealer near you or to answer any questions on this program:

call Audix toll free 1-800-966-8261


Clean Up Your Act!

Give your audience what they want; vocals they can hear!  Your voice is an instrument, so treat it like one.  Choose a mic that picks up your voice, not the emtire stage.

Since 1984, Audix vocal microphones have provided superior performance and are the choice of professionals worldwide.  Audix microphones give you clarity, consistency, durability, vocal isolation, high sound pressure levels without distortion, and the best gain before feedback in the industry.

Audix produces application specific vocal microphones and the best mic for your voice.  See how your performancecan improve with an Audix microphone.

To chooseyour next vocal mic, go to:  WWW.AUDIXUSA.COM/CLEANUPYOURACT

...AND enter to win an OM5!

The Challenges of Miking a Choir

Audix has come up with a great piece on choir miking.  Download the PDF HERE:

The Industry Loses Another Hero!

It is with extreme regret that we announce the passing of another industry leader and our very dear friend Keith Wilson.

Keith and the rest of the team at Audio Supply – Cathleen and Lauren (Ryann and Reese!)  are family.

We mourn the loss of such a dedicated and inspiring man. At the same time, we celebrate his life finding some comfort in viewing this clip posted by NAMM – Keith was added to NAMM’s Oral history library last year.