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Festival Presented By T-Mobile myTouch
Day-Long Festival To Feature Legendary Music And Collaborations Including:

Eric Clapton, Allman Brothers Band, ZZ Top, Steve Winwood, BB King, Jeff Beck, Vince Gill, Sheryl Crow, Buddy Guy, John Mayer and more.

(February 10, 2010) – Often credited as being one of the all time greatest guitarists and known amongst his peers as one of the all time greatest collaborators, the ultimate Clapton collaboration will take place June 26, 2010.  For one day only, Clapton will gather the past, present and future of guitar music onto one stage for an incredible full day musical event.  Announced today, the third Crossroads Guitar Festival, scheduled for June 26, 2010 at Toyota Park in Chicago, will be a cornerstone of this year’s summer music festival season.  Fans should note that gates open at 10am.  All profits from the Festival will benefit The Crossroads Centre in Antigua, a treatment and education facility founded by Clapton for chemically dependent persons. The Festival will be presented by T-Mobile myTouch.

Audix - How to Mic Your Drums - 101 - 7 Part Series

From Our Partners At Audix USA…

Here are the final versions of the “How to mic your drums” video that were shown at NAMM. 

These are the first definitive videos on how to mic your drums with clear explanations and useful examples.   It  is divided into 7 chapters. 

Dean K has  used AUDIX  mics for more on air recordings than anyone else out there and Mike Snyder is a professional clinician (for Roland) who speaks directly to drummers in terms they can understand.

These videos will  be on YouTube soon  but for higher audio and video resolution  we subscribed to Vimeo and suggest that they be viewed there.     For faster viewing make sure the “high def” option is turned off.   AUDIX will also be making a DVD to be included with all DP series packs.

Start your engines!


How To Mic Up Your Drums - Introduction from Audix Microphones on Vimeo.


To Our Fallen Heroes & Dear Friends - A Final Farewell…

Fred A. Bergstrom

Born Dec. 16, 1950 in Waukegan, Illinois, Fred passed on Sunday, Dec. 13, 2009 at Advocate Condell Medical Center. Fred was the Vice President of Berler Communications.  Les Walters (his sister) and Perry Miller, his partner for 30 years remain at Berler continuing their mission.


Brian T. Fehrman

Born June 20, 1969 Brian left us on New Year’s Day at the age of 40.  Brian was President of Big Time Audio/, Milwaukee, WI.  Kathy Fehrman - his loving wife he absolutely adored - remains to continue the legacy they were building together with her faithful sidekick Shelly Hansen (Brian’s sister).  We will miss his great sense of humor and his smile…

A drummer that sang (imagine that!) Brian was known to sing throughout the day, especially to the pups. Radio adopts HT2 headset mics for podcasts

September 2009 (formerly PC Magazine) is an online magazine that talks about all things technical having to do with the personal computing world. The magazine also has a podcast show called PCMag Radio that has been running for several years and it is aimed at their primary readers – lovers of technology.

Tim Gideon, lead audio and video analyst for, was put in charge for updating the quality of their podcasts. Gideon states, “When it came time to update the equipment for our podcast studio, we went through several microphone choices and the HT2 emerged as the best choice for us. We needed a microphone with a tight pattern because our panelists are all in close proximity and the typical omni-directional headset mics don't offer enough rejection. Not only does the HT2 sound great, but our hosts and guests are unencumbered with headphones or bulky cables, which makes everything look cleaner for our video podcasts. Everybody loves the sound of these mics! ”

All podcasts are performed with Audix HT2 microphones and recorded in Pro Tools. Please check out Radio at PC Mag Radio

New HME Spectrum Friendly™ Technology Prevents Conflict in the 2.4 GHz Wireless Spectrum

SAN DIEGO, CA, MAY 12, 2009 – All HME DX Series wireless intercom systems now feature
Spectrum Friendly™ technology, HME’s unique advantage for interference-free operation in the
increasingly crowded 2.4 GHz frequency band. This new technology enables broadcast and
theatrical production crews to avoid emerging frequency conflicts by designating the 2.4 GHz
operating frequency range – low, high or full band.

The increasing use of the 2.4 GHz Industry Scientific and Medical (ISM) wireless spectrum is
attributed to its global availability and license-free requirements. Existing hardwired
technologies are gradually being designed to operate in the 2.4 GHz band.

While generally not a problem when separated, multiple applications and multiple users of the
same applications in close proximity can result in additional risk for trouble free operation. The
new Spectrum Friendly technology further ensures that HME products do not add interference
to the spectrum for other essential wireless services in the vicinity, like DMX lighting.

According to HME Pro Audio Product Manager Rick Molina, “Spectrum Friendly technology
provides a framework for wireless applications to coexist as good neighbors. It also makes it
possible for production crews using HME base stations to double the number of possible
wireless headset users.”

AC/DC shakes it all night long with Audix

The members of the Australian hard rock band AC/DC are all set for their first world tour in the last seven years, and Audix Microphone company has the honor of accompanying them.

Paul “Pab” Boothroyd is one of the UK’s leading live sound engineers and currently the Front of House engineer for AC/DC. He has worked with some of the world’s top musicians like Dire Straits and Faith Hill, but is best known for his work with Paul McCartney. Boothroyd has handled FOH duties for AC/DC since the band's 1996 Ballbreaker Tour, and is back at it for their latest Black Ice World Tour, which promotes Black Ice, the group's first album in eight years.

“We had such great success with the Audix drum mics on the Paul McCartney tour that I suggested we go with all Audix products for drums on the 2009 AC/DC world tour. One cool trick we found for this tour is that we added the Micro-D beneath all seven of the cymbals. They are very low profile, get a great sound and keep the stage bleed to a minimum compared to using conventional overheads. The rest of the kit consists of D6 on kick, i5 on snare, D4 on all toms and SCX1-HC for high-hat,” Boothroyd said.

Highlights from Jazzfest 2009 in New Orleans


Artist Relations, Phil Garfinkel, reports from NOLA!

New Orleans favorites and Audix Endorsers Galactic threw down heavy at the Gentilly stage at the JazzFest in New Orleans on Saturday April 24. Jazz Fest Live's Damon Westjohn said, "I don't think I've ever seen crowd surfing like that at a JazzFest set before.”

New Orleans' natives Better Than Ezra also rocked hard on the Acura Stage Sunday, April 25. A crowd of over 100,000 saw the recent Audix Endorsers rage for an hour set.

Over 300 Audix microphones were scattered about the second largest event in New Orleans (next to Mardi Gras). Whether provided by Garfinkel, or brought in by sounds engineers and artists, Audix mics were present on almost every stage at the fest.

Live recordings of all performances are available at


Pictured: Jazz Vocalist Stephanie Jordan on Audix Wireless OM6 Microphone

Jazz Vocalist Stephanie Jordan on Audix Wireless OM6 Microphone

Pearl Jam kicks off first Conan show in L.A.

Pearl Jam kicked off the premier of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien with a debut song “Got Some” from their upcoming album Backspacer.   Eddie Vedder sang through his Audix OM7, the microphone he has used faithfully since 1992. You can watch Pearl Jam’s performance on their website at: