Audix Chosen for Yamaha Marimba Miking System

Audix microphones are prominently featured in the new Yamaha Marimba Miking System which was designed by Randall May. The design of the system allows the microphones to be positioned within and parallel to the resonator chambers of the marimba, while the microphone slide rail pivots to enhance isolation and quality of sound.

The system provides effortless, instant positioning of the microphones while still allowing them to slide on the rail of the marimba for preferred mic placement and uniform octave levels. For greater adjustment, the microphones can also be independently pivoted to a desired angle.

Randall May of Randall May International decided to use the D2 model microphone from Audix stating, "It was important to stay with a dynamic mic because of durability. And I felt the D2’s rugged construction, performance and frequency response, combined with its cost effectiveness, fit right into the window of what we were looking for. Audix was a natural choice since we also use the D4 and D6 with our internal drum miking systems, and they are outstanding mics. "

This product is distributed exclusively by Yamaha Corporation of America.

Marching Artists Bluecoats, Madison Scouts, Carolina Crown, and The Colts are some of the artists currently using the new miking system.

Audix Myspace goes to Latin America

LAN Music Group, the exclusive Audix Sales Representatives in Latin America since 2006, has launched an Audix Myspace page in Spanish.

Richard Bovieri, president and founder of LAN Music Group states, “It was just a few years ago that only the top sound professionals and international artists knew about Audix microphones. It has been a slow but steady process to introduce the Audix brand into the Latin American market, and because of the quality and performance of the products, we have encountered a lot of success.”