APRIL IS CANCER CONTROL MONTH - Early Detection Means Early Action

Valued Partners -

The individuals in our organization are pleased to participate in an April fund raising program for the benefit of the American Cancer Society. Each of us at Juice Goose feels our effort will have a positive impact on the fight against cancer.

April is National Cancer Control Month, when numerous local, state and national organizations focus on programs that help reduce the human burden of cancer. "Cancer control encompasses prevention, detection, treatment and support to cancer patients, their families and their care givers, and survivorship issues through the end of life," according to the American Cancer Society.

We welcome you to this effort and thank you for any help you can provide us to broaden our reach with this message. Our intent is to not only raise money, but to also raise awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and pro-active healthcare. Choices we make regarding diet, exercise and seeking regular medical examinations can reduce the chances of getting cancer.

During April, Juice Goose is conducting a fund raising program by offering the JG Series products (except the JG Jr) at a discounted price and pledging to the American Cancer Society $2 per unit sold during that month. Juice Goose will publish notices publicizing this event. And, you will receive additional materials and information following this message. We will appreciate your help forwarding our message to your contacts along with the attached fliers from the American Cancer Society.

I believe our participation in a program of this sort is only a modest example of the contributions a responsible and civic minded organization should make. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

For additional information on the important work of the American Cancer Society please go to cancer.org.

Because everybody knows somebody who’s had cancer.


Peter Cook