The Audix M55 Ceiling Mic System

The Audix M55 Ceiling Mic System “Simple to install and configure... simply amazing !”

Make a list of problems in selecting, mounting, and positioning a hanging ceiling mic. Then solve every one of them with the Audix M55 system, the easiest hanging ceiling mic to install and set up.

The M55 offers four interchangeable capsules – omni, cardioid, hypercardioid, and supercardioid (shotgun) – and is optimized for speech. Its electronics are fully integrated, high sensitivity, low noise, and the signal output is balanced, so cell phones and GSM devices do not cause RF interference

Installing the M55 requires drilling just one 5/8-inch hole in the ceiling, with no additional tools needed. The M55’s mounting hardware easily adjusts the hanging height up to four feet from the ceiling surface without removing ceiling tiles. An aiming clip (two options) makes additional angular adjustments easy and requires no tools. The cable assembly, with its Phoenix connector, is neatly housed in an airtight, plenum-rated
junction box. A wire safety cable provides additional seismic restraint.

  • Cardioid, super-cardioid, and hyper-cardiod (shotgun) capsules
  • Frequency response optimized for speech
  • High output and sensitivity requires minimal DSP gain
  • Integrated preamp and power supply yield high sensitivity with low noise
  • Operates on 18 – 52V phantom power
  • No RF interference
  • Balanced audio connection to the junction box minimizes induced noise
  • Patent-pending ceiling mount for finger-tip height adjustment and aiming
  • UL approved air-tight plenum-rated junction box included
  • Optional aiming cable hanger
  • Includes 0.16-inch aircraft cable seismic restraint

Frequency Response:  60Hz–10kHz
Output Impedance:  150 Ohms
Sensitivity:  37mV/Pa@1kHz
Equivalent Noise Level:  22dB (A-weighted)
S/N Ratio:  72dB
Max SPL:  >130dB
Dynamic Range:  108dB
Power: 18–52V Phantom
Connector:   Phoenix
Cable:   48-in, three-conductor, shielded