Audix Ships New M55 Hanging Ceiling Mic

Revolutionary Ease of Installation and Use for Plenum-rated Ceilings

Wilsonville, OR - Audix is pleased to announce shipment of the M55TM hanging ceiling mic. The M55 is a miniature condenser microphone designed to solve the challenges of mounting, aiming, coverage, and audio performance. The M55 is intended for conference, meeting, board, and class room installations where aesthetics, sound quality, and flexibility are critical.

"In designing the M55, we set out to solve the common problems of installation and performance for hanging ceiling mics," states Cliff Castle, VP of Sales and Marketing at Audix. "We started with our M1255B miniature condenser mic that uses an integrated preamp and power supply. We then designed a ceiling mount system (patent pending) that allows aiming and height adjustment, even after the mic is installed. Finally, we included an airtight plenum-rated enclosure that meets all code requirements. We believe the M55 is the best sounding and most flexible hanging ceiling mic solution currently available."

"Other ceiling mic designs use an external power adaptor down the line, which means the cable connecting the mic to the adaptor is unbalanced, and thus susceptible to interference," explains Gene Houck, National Sales Manager at Audix. "The M55's integrated electronics solve this problem at the source. The M55 also accommodates interchangeable capsules that offer a wide variety of coverage patterns: omni, cardioid, hyper-cardioid and super-cardioid (shotgun). This ensures the M55 can meet virtually any mic plot design."

The M55's exclusive mounting hardware allows finger-tip adjustment of hanging height from 1-48 inches from the ceiling surface. An airtight connection to the included plenum box locks the mic at the desired height and rotation. An optional aiming clip makes any additional anglular adjustments simple and reliable.

"The M55 mounting system is unique," explains Castle. "Audix developed a mounting system that can adjust the mic's hanging distance from below the ceiling instead of having to lift ceiling tiles or enter plenum spaces. No other hanging mic system provides this degree of convenience while fulfilling plenum code requirements." The included UL-approved junction box is also plenum-rated, and includes a Phoenix connector for balanced, mic-level cable runs.

"With the addition of the M55 to the M70 flush-mounted and M40 gooseneck models, we now have three plenum-rated ceiling microphones to choose from," says Houck. "We're confident that we have the perfect ceiling mic solution for virtually any situation."

The frequency response of the M55 is optimized for speech. All electronics are fully integrated, high sensitivity, low noise, and the signal output is balanced.

Plenum-rated junction box and angle adjustment clip included.

The M55 is available only through authorized Audix contractors and installation companies. MSRP starting at $470.