The Easy Sell - HSA Rolltops

You may have seen our ad "The Easy Sell" in one of the trade magazines recently.

Think about this: There's between 300,000 and 400,000 houses of worship in North America. Over 90,000 schools in the US alone. You're driving past them every day, even during your commute.

Chances are they don’t have a securable, easy-to-use, and beautiful HSA Rolltop Desk AV workstation.

If you recognize this as your opportunity for an easy sale by helping them organize and secure their AUDIO, VIDEO and LIGHTING Control systems, you’re ahead of the game. 

A salesperson who simply, systematically called in person and spent a few minutes finding out about what the Church was doing, or how the school or college was teaching with A/V, that salesperson could be regularly selling thousands of dollars in HSA product and, very likely, a lot of upgrade and additional gear and service contracts to go along with it. That's just on the ride and back to your job. And it's just two market segments.

Unlike other A/V gear you're selling, probably close to none of these venues will have an HSA product. Great! Most will have mics, mixers, projectors, switchers, displays, speakers - stuff - and many will have these dis-organized to some degree or even out in the open and unsecured. And if you're not just talking only to the "tech people" at those places, the sales interest may center on HSA's appearance and security with the folks who actually make decisions and "pay for things".

HSA Rolltop Desks & Racks are easily the best "foot in the door" for your sales calls, particular when the first people you'll be meeting are the "less techie" types who'll have an immediate positive impression of our beautiful, practical and securable products. And yes! - an HSA A/V workstation sale easily scales into equipment upgrades, system additions and profitable service contracts.

Call or email HSA for more information and sales assistance and make each of your next sales "The Easy Sell"!

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