Juice Goose Lowers Power Sequencing Prices 10%

As of January 1, 2011 we've reinforcing our position as a leader in quality, service and price.

The price of our power sequencers was already below that of the competition. But, we weren't satisfied until we drove the prices even lower.

This isn't a short term sales event. We've lowered our published prices.

Taking Advantage of New Inventory Management

Juice Goose has been building power distribution products since 1983. But, we're still learning new tricks.

Thanks to some clever inventory management and some well loved suppliers, we've been able to lower our product costs. And we're passing the savings along to our (also well loved) customers.

Reliable, Easy to Install and Easy to Use

CQ Series sequencers save money in other ways.

No assembly is required.

Think about the time and effort you save when a product works reliably, is easy to install and easy for the customer to use.

Compare the cost of a multiple circuit installation with Juice Goose to the cost of Middle Atlantic or Furman products.

To Request a January 1, 2011 Catalog call SBT or email at info@sbtreps.com


Made in America

Yes, our CQ Series products are stiill made in the US - in Houston, Texas to be exact.

That's where we keep inventory to ship the day you place your order.