One Systems Direct Weather Loudspeakers

Don't your teams and fans deserve the best on and off the field?

One Systems Direct Weather Loudspeakers provide high school stadiums and sports fields around the world with superior sound quality for music and speech -- while withstanding the rigors of any kind of weather.

Platinum Series Hybrid models have proven to be a sound investment for any kind of athletic program. One Systems has an incredible ten-year track record of installations ranging from NFL stadiums, Major League Baseball stadiums, to amateur sports venues that have included the Winter Olympics, World Cup Soccer, and NCAA athletic facilities.

Features Include:

  • 316-grade stainless steel hardware/structural parts hold up even in salt water locations
  • IP 45 and IP 56 weather protection for all models -- protects in all sorts of harsh weather
  • Patented designs ensure superior intelligibility and output for music and speech
  • Five-year warranty all on all speakers and mounting hardware

"Even for the season opener with 5,000+ people in the stands, One Systems was clear and loud. These loudspeakers provide the pattern control, throw, fidelity and speech intelligibility needed for a stadia environment in a sturdy and durable direct weather enclosure, plus they are affordable. The school administrators, athletic department, students, parents -- and neighbors, are extremely happy."

-- John Rutirasiri
Owner, ClearImpact Sound & Event Services


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