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One Systems Introduces Silver Series Direct Weather Loudspeakers

One Systems, Inc., has introduced the Silver Series Direct Weather loudspeakers. The series, designed for inland direct weather and general-purpose environments, currently consists of the 104/STH, 106/STH and 108/STC.

“We are very excited to offer systems integrators new budget-conscious direct weather loudspeaker options,” explains MacCallum. “Our Platinum Hybrid loudspeakers are designed for use in both marine environments, very demanding general purpose inland environments, and most indoor venues. The Silver Series is ideal for inland applications that may not require the advanced protection from the elements that Platinum Hybrid models offer, but at very competitive price points.”

Getting Started with Aveo Mira Connect

Getting started with Mira Connect shows you how to create an account on Mira Portal, add an organization, site, and room, and pair a Mira Connect control appliance to the room. This is the first video in the Mira Connect training sequence.

We are pleased to announce our partnership with ONE SYSTEMS, INC.

ONE SYSTEMS, INC. , located in Nashville, TN designs and builds One Systems and On Point Audio (OPA).

ONE SYSTEMS, INC. is the US distributor of the P.Audio speaker systems.

One Systems

One Systems designs and builds high intelligibility premium loudspeakers that deliver top-class performance that are impervious to any weather condition. One Systems models aren’t just speakers with direct-weather capability – they’re incredible, high-performance speakers that can be used outdoors or inside.

For a detailed description, please visit:  http://onesystems.com/about/

On Point Audio

On Point Audio is a vibrant, fast growing brand of One Systems, Inc.  On Point Audio was developed to provide customers with a unique range of non-weatherproof systems.  On Point Audio is the new benchmark for performance and value in premium loudspeakers. The same engineering team that designed One Systems products developed On Point Audio speaker systems.

For a detailed description, please visit:  http://onesystems.com/about/

P. Audio

P.Audio is a leader in Professional Audio Component and System Design.  P.Audio provides a continuous flow of cost effective, performance driven innovative designs & precise implementation of acoustic technology since 1991.  Distributed by One Systems.