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Audix M3 Tri-Element Installation Manual

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Audix Releases M3 Tri-element Ceiling Microphone

Wilsonville, Oregon, October 2014—Audix announced the release of the newest microphone for the installed sound industry, the M3 Tri-element Ceiling Microphone. Setting a new standard in tri-element microphone performance and design, the M3 is TAA compliant, offers fingertip control for adjusting cable length, and includes a UL rated plenum box solution above the ceiling tile.   

In a statement about the M3 release, Gene Houck, National Sales Manager for Installed Sound said, “We received many requests from consultants, AV Integrators, and sound contractors looking for us to build a tri-element mic with the same high performance standards as our highly successful M70, M40 and M55 conference ceiling microphones.  The M3 is an answer to that call.”

Featuring a sleek profile with contemporary design that is smaller than other multi-element mics on the market, other M3 features include:

HSA Rolltops - Newly Re-Designed Stainless Steel Option

For Immediate Release
Old Pricing Until January 1st 2015!
Mishawaka, IN USA October 2014

A newly redesigned Stainless Steel Rolltop Tambour option was announced by HSA “the Rolltop People” and is immediately available at the original option’s 2014 pricing until January 1st 2015.

This upgrade to HSA’s original stainless steel rolltop includes 33% thicker desk sidewalls, a heavier front or lead tambour and Institutional Grade re-keyable core lock systems. HSA re-engineered this option after working with several consultants and architects to meet the requirements of larger venues for more security, ease of maintenance and durability.

The company is also offering both the Institutional Lock System and the Extra Thick Sidewalls as separately available options giving designers, dealers and end-users more choices in their HSA product’s configuration.

HSA states that focusing on product engineering and refinement keeps their Rolltop Desk, Rack and Lectern line competitive, innovative and profitable for their dealers.

HSA, Inc
1717 E. Sixth Street
Mishawaka, IN 46544 USA
Contact: Richard Johnson
(574) 255-6100

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Lowell Manufacturing Company!

For the past 67 years Lowell has been manufacturing quality products for the professional AV market.

From boardrooms and multimedia areas to sports arenas and houses of worship, Lowell designs and builds quality rack, power, and audio products that work behind the scenes to provide seamless systems integration and exceptional performance. Racks & Enclosures; Power & Surge Protection; Speakers & Accessories.

Give us a call, or send inquiries to info@sbtreps.com.

The Audix M55 Ceiling Mic System

The Audix M55 Ceiling Mic System “Simple to install and configure... simply amazing !”

Make a list of problems in selecting, mounting, and positioning a hanging ceiling mic. Then solve every one of them with the Audix M55 system, the easiest hanging ceiling mic to install and set up.

The M55 offers four interchangeable capsules – omni, cardioid, hypercardioid, and supercardioid (shotgun) – and is optimized for speech. Its electronics are fully integrated, high sensitivity, low noise, and the signal output is balanced, so cell phones and GSM devices do not cause RF interference

Installing the M55 requires drilling just one 5/8-inch hole in the ceiling, with no additional tools needed. The M55’s mounting hardware easily adjusts the hanging height up to four feet from the ceiling surface without removing ceiling tiles. An aiming clip (two options) makes additional angular adjustments easy and requires no tools. The cable assembly, with its Phoenix connector, is neatly housed in an airtight, plenum-rated
junction box. A wire safety cable provides additional seismic restraint.

Audix MicroBoom M1280S Demo

An excerpt from a video produced by Midtown Video featuring the MicroBoom with M1280S  shotgun capsule.   It is not only informative but very impressive when they switch from the lavaliere mic to the M1280S.    

Thanks to Lofty (our favorite Brit!) for acquiring this edited clip!

Audix Ships New M55 Hanging Ceiling Mic

Revolutionary Ease of Installation and Use for Plenum-rated Ceilings

Wilsonville, OR - Audix is pleased to announce shipment of the M55TM hanging ceiling mic. The M55 is a miniature condenser microphone designed to solve the challenges of mounting, aiming, coverage, and audio performance. The M55 is intended for conference, meeting, board, and class room installations where aesthetics, sound quality, and flexibility are critical.