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Spoiled By Technology proudly represents many of the world’s leading manufacturers of musical instruments, professional audio and visual equipment.  Our territory includes Illinois, Wisconsin and Lake & Porter counties within Indiana.  Spoiled by Technology is a professional sales organization providing integrated solutions in a continuously evolving world.

Clear-Com Introduces New CC-300 And CC-400 Headsets

Clear-Com introduces the latest additions to its line of professional headsets, the CC-300 and CC-400.

The CC-300 and CC-400 offer extra comfort, better performance and more flexibility for users who employ intercoms for long hours. They are compatible with Clear-Com’s wide range of wired and wireless intercoms.

Wearing headsets day in and day out while communicating with other team members over the intercom can quickly exhaust a user. The new Clear-Com CC-300 single-ear headset and CC-400 double-ear headset were designed to reduce fatigue and accommodate individual preferences by offering a clear and comfortable audio experience.

The CC-300 and CC-400 headsets’ microphone booms can be rotated 300 degrees, allowing the microphone to be worn on the right or left side of the head. Users can also make the headsets larger or smaller by manipulating the slide adjustments on either side of the headband. In addition, the enclosed headphones have very soft padding and a slight rotation to provide a better fit.

“Elegance, Performance and Security” - Did I mention stunningly beautiful?

HSA is your complete solution for Beautiful Rolltop Desks, 19" Equipment Racks, Podiums, Lecterns and other Fine Wood Furnishings for Audio & Video.  HSA desks, racks & podiums are the best way to tastefully, functionally and securely house audio mixing consoles, lighting control, video control systems and other electronics in the Church, Education, Theater, Courtroom and Corporate environments. 
The HSA PR Series is a versatile, podium style rack system featuring HSA's trademark locking rolltop tambour door and many options and variations. It's a great choice for dealers who sell any of the new, compact analog or digital mixers by securely housing and presenting the mixer controls at a convenient operational height. Moreover, it's absolutely a perfect product for you to up sell - it opens the door to "add to" the system sale with all of its roomy rack space!

The featured PR1216-II racks were in use at the recent NAMM show by a manufacturer that required a highly professional, finished appearance for the introduction of their new product. Are you selling any compact mix systems? PR Racks are the natural tie-ins for these sales!


We welcome your visit to the HSA Product Gallery and Custom Gallery

H S A is Very Proudly American Owned & American Made
In Mishawaka, Indiana

Spoiled By Technology is pleased to join the Fulcrum Acoustic LLC sales team

Fulcrum Acoustics supplies studio monitors for SST. Powersoft Level 1 TQ presets are now available!

For more information please visit: www.fulcrum-acoustic.com.

A new recording by our friend Mahlon Hawk!

Mahlon Hawk - That Doggie in the WindowMahlon Hawk, Emmy-Award-winning bassist/singer/songwriter has just released the #1 hit "(How Much Is) That Doggie In The Window?", a song that appeals to everyone, everywhere, of all ages. Now available on CD Baby as a Digital Download -- four songs, arranged, recorded and produced by Mahlon Hawk including 3 originals, performed on his bass like you've never heard before. This music will get your body moving!

Be a part of this movement to help support pets in need. A portion of the profits from this CD is being donated to pet rescue organizations. Help us help our furry friends! It's all about Love!


Own It! Play It! Love It! Enjoy the music! Your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated.

System Integrators – Video Conferencing? - Audix M1255B-W

We won’t take (need) a lot of your time but would like to present an innovative new VC miking solution from Audix that is  now being used in several high level installs including, Fort Knox, Lockheed Martin and the U.S. Embassies .” Ask us about: the M1255BW.


The success of the Micro-D miniature rim mount drum mic has prompted the demand for a similar product specifically for hand percussion instruments. With this in mind, Audix proudly introduces a sister product to the Micro-D called the Audix Micro-HP. Having similar design characteristics and sound qualities as the Micro D, The Micro-HP utilizes a cardioid polar pattern to capture the attack of the head as well as the tonality and transients of the instrument. The pricing for this dedicated model for hand percussion instruments is exactly the same as the Micro D, AND it is SHIPPING NOW!

Read more here:

Audix Expands Micro Series – M1280B

Audix has expanded its Micros Series with the introduction of the M1280B.

With a machined brass housing and modular threaded capsule, the M1280B is designed to handle a wide variety of live, studio, and fixed install applications. Features include a smooth frequency response of 40 Hz - 20 kHz, 12mm gold vapor diaphragm, and a selection of four capsules
with either cardioid, hypercardioid, omni, or a supercardioid (shotgun) polar pattern. Improvements for the M1280B include a discrete circuit design, low noise components, recessed miniature XLR connector, and 100 percent immunity from RF caused by cell phones and wireless GSM devices.

Clear-Com® introduces the HME DX210 at this year’s 2011 NAB Show

Latest Edition of HME DX Series Digital Wireless Intercoms Offers Superior Wireless Performance for High Demand Productions

Clearcom-HME DX210 SystemLAS VEGAS, April 11 2011 ? Clear-Com®, a global leader in critical voice communications systems, will introduce the HME DX210 at this year’s 2011 NAB Show. The HME DX210 offers the perfect blend of wireless intercom performance, system compatibility with wired intercom systems, and ease of use. Operating in the 2.4GHz band, the DX210 delivers exceptional sound clarity and enables interference-free communication for highly demanding productions. Clear-Com will demonstrate the HME DX210, along with HME DX100, HME DX121 and HME DX300ES at Booth C6647.

APRIL IS CANCER CONTROL MONTH - Early Detection Means Early Action

Valued Partners -

The individuals in our organization are pleased to participate in an April fund raising program for the benefit of the American Cancer Society. Each of us at Juice Goose feels our effort will have a positive impact on the fight against cancer.

April is National Cancer Control Month, when numerous local, state and national organizations focus on programs that help reduce the human burden of cancer. "Cancer control encompasses prevention, detection, treatment and support to cancer patients, their families and their care givers, and survivorship issues through the end of life," according to the American Cancer Society.

Clean Up Your Act!

Give your audience what they want; vocals they can hear!  Your voice is an instrument, so treat it like one.  Choose a mic that picks up your voice, not the emtire stage.

Since 1984, Audix vocal microphones have provided superior performance and are the choice of professionals worldwide.  Audix microphones give you clarity, consistency, durability, vocal isolation, high sound pressure levels without distortion, and the best gain before feedback in the industry.

Audix produces application specific vocal microphones and the best mic for your voice.  See how your performancecan improve with an Audix microphone.

To chooseyour next vocal mic, go to:  WWW.AUDIXUSA.COM/CLEANUPYOURACT

...AND enter to win an OM5!