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The Challenges of Miking a Choir

Audix has come up with a great piece on choir miking.  Download the PDF HERE:

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Audix - How to Mic Your Drums - 101 - 7 Part Series

From Our Partners At Audix USA…

Here are the final versions of the “How to mic your drums” video that were shown at NAMM. 

These are the first definitive videos on how to mic your drums with clear explanations and useful examples.   It  is divided into 7 chapters. 

Dean K has  used AUDIX  mics for more on air recordings than anyone else out there and Mike Snyder is a professional clinician (for Roland) who speaks directly to drummers in terms they can understand.

These videos will  be on YouTube soon  but for higher audio and video resolution  we subscribed to Vimeo and suggest that they be viewed there.     For faster viewing make sure the “high def” option is turned off.   AUDIX will also be making a DVD to be included with all DP series packs.

Start your engines!


How To Mic Up Your Drums - Introduction from Audix Microphones on Vimeo.