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The success of the Micro-D miniature rim mount drum mic has prompted the demand for a similar product specifically for hand percussion instruments. With this in mind, Audix proudly introduces a sister product to the Micro-D called the Audix Micro-HP. Having similar design characteristics and sound qualities as the Micro D, The Micro-HP utilizes a cardioid polar pattern to capture the attack of the head as well as the tonality and transients of the instrument. The pricing for this dedicated model for hand percussion instruments is exactly the same as the Micro D, AND it is SHIPPING NOW!

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Audix Expands Micro Series – M1280B

Audix has expanded its Micros Series with the introduction of the M1280B.

With a machined brass housing and modular threaded capsule, the M1280B is designed to handle a wide variety of live, studio, and fixed install applications. Features include a smooth frequency response of 40 Hz - 20 kHz, 12mm gold vapor diaphragm, and a selection of four capsules
with either cardioid, hypercardioid, omni, or a supercardioid (shotgun) polar pattern. Improvements for the M1280B include a discrete circuit design, low noise components, recessed miniature XLR connector, and 100 percent immunity from RF caused by cell phones and wireless GSM devices.

Clear-Com® introduces the HME DX210 at this year’s 2011 NAB Show

Latest Edition of HME DX Series Digital Wireless Intercoms Offers Superior Wireless Performance for High Demand Productions

Clearcom-HME DX210 SystemLAS VEGAS, April 11 2011 ? Clear-Com®, a global leader in critical voice communications systems, will introduce the HME DX210 at this year’s 2011 NAB Show. The HME DX210 offers the perfect blend of wireless intercom performance, system compatibility with wired intercom systems, and ease of use. Operating in the 2.4GHz band, the DX210 delivers exceptional sound clarity and enables interference-free communication for highly demanding productions. Clear-Com will demonstrate the HME DX210, along with HME DX100, HME DX121 and HME DX300ES at Booth C6647.

APRIL IS CANCER CONTROL MONTH - Early Detection Means Early Action

Valued Partners -

The individuals in our organization are pleased to participate in an April fund raising program for the benefit of the American Cancer Society. Each of us at Juice Goose feels our effort will have a positive impact on the fight against cancer.

April is National Cancer Control Month, when numerous local, state and national organizations focus on programs that help reduce the human burden of cancer. "Cancer control encompasses prevention, detection, treatment and support to cancer patients, their families and their care givers, and survivorship issues through the end of life," according to the American Cancer Society.

Clean Up Your Act!

Give your audience what they want; vocals they can hear!  Your voice is an instrument, so treat it like one.  Choose a mic that picks up your voice, not the emtire stage.

Since 1984, Audix vocal microphones have provided superior performance and are the choice of professionals worldwide.  Audix microphones give you clarity, consistency, durability, vocal isolation, high sound pressure levels without distortion, and the best gain before feedback in the industry.

Audix produces application specific vocal microphones and the best mic for your voice.  See how your performancecan improve with an Audix microphone.

To chooseyour next vocal mic, go to:  WWW.AUDIXUSA.COM/CLEANUPYOURACT

...AND enter to win an OM5!

The Challenges of Miking a Choir

Audix has come up with a great piece on choir miking.  Download the PDF HERE:

HSA - New Desk Look for 2010 - Series II Desks Now Shipping!

Old 2008 Pricing Is Still In Effect Until Further Notice!!!

Audix - How to Mic Your Drums - 101 - 7 Part Series

From Our Partners At Audix USA…

Here are the final versions of the “How to mic your drums” video that were shown at NAMM. 

These are the first definitive videos on how to mic your drums with clear explanations and useful examples.   It  is divided into 7 chapters. 

Dean K has  used AUDIX  mics for more on air recordings than anyone else out there and Mike Snyder is a professional clinician (for Roland) who speaks directly to drummers in terms they can understand.

These videos will  be on YouTube soon  but for higher audio and video resolution  we subscribed to Vimeo and suggest that they be viewed there.     For faster viewing make sure the “high def” option is turned off.   AUDIX will also be making a DVD to be included with all DP series packs.

Start your engines!


How To Mic Up Your Drums - Introduction from Audix Microphones on Vimeo.